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Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour, Best Java Volcano Trekking Package

Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour, Best Java Volcano Trekking Package . Mount Ijen is administratively located on Banyuwangi, the eastern part of Java Island. Besides being a challenging place among climber, the landscape here also draws people interest to flock around and enjoy the comforting view. With white foamy clouds and clear sky, Ijen is truly a piece of heaven on earth. In case you have plan a vacation there, you may want to add Mount Bromo too as your destination. The Bromo Ijen tour package surely will add thrills on your trip. For the first round, you can go to Bromo and see the sunrise from Penanjakan viewpoint. Later on, just choose any other amusement places, such as Whispering Sand or Horse Riding. After you fully enjoy Mount Bromo, you can move to Mount Ijen to watch magnificent Blue Fire or blue flame tour on its crater.

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Bromo Ijen Trekking Tour Package

Other than preparing airplane tickets, you have to consider the best timing for your Bromo Ijen tour package as well. The favorable months are between July and September when the weather is dry. The rain will rarely pour down, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or slipped through the hard rock. On the other hand, the dry weather easily blows harmful sulfuric gasses through the surrounding, so you still have to be careful.

Since you are going to mountain areas, jacket and warm clothes are essential need in your bag especially if you take the trip on a rainy season. In addition, bring also proper face masks to prevent you from breathing the poisonous gasses. You can also get the mask from your Bromo Ijen Tour package provider from mountbromotour.com. Follow the guidance to avoid any harm event that may occur. If you are lucky enough, you can even interact with the local sulfur miners there. Their existence gives us a lesson that men and nature can live in a harmony along.