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Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour, Best Java Volcano Trekking Package

Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour, Best Java Volcano Trekking Package . Mount Ijen is administratively located on Banyuwangi, the eastern part of Java Island. Besides being a challenging place among climber, the landscape here also draws people interest to flock around and enjoy the comforting view. With white foamy clouds and clear sky, Ijen is truly a piece of heaven on earth. In case you have plan a vacation there, you may want to add Mount Bromo too as your destination. The Bromo Ijen tour package surely will add thrills on your trip. For the first round, you can go to Bromo and see the sunrise from Penanjakan viewpoint. Later on, just choose any other amusement places, such as Whispering Sand or Horse Riding. After you fully enjoy Mount Bromo, you can move to Mount Ijen to watch magnificent Blue Fire or blue flame tour on its crater.

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Bromo Ijen Trekking Tour Package

Other than preparing airplane tickets, you have to consider the best timing for your Bromo Ijen tour package as well. The favorable months are between July and September when the weather is dry. The rain will rarely pour down, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or slipped through the hard rock. On the other hand, the dry weather easily blows harmful sulfuric gasses through the surrounding, so you still have to be careful.

Since you are going to mountain areas, jacket and warm clothes are essential need in your bag especially if you take the trip on a rainy season. In addition, bring also proper face masks to prevent you from breathing the poisonous gasses. You can also get the mask from your Bromo Ijen Tour package provider from Follow the guidance to avoid any harm event that may occur. If you are lucky enough, you can even interact with the local sulfur miners there. Their existence gives us a lesson that men and nature can live in a harmony along.

15 Travel Tips to Bromo that Must Be Known

15 Travel Tips to Bromo that Must Be KnownBromo is one of the mountains in East Java that has always been a tourist mountain. Unlike other surrounding mountains such as Mount Semeru or Mount Arjuno. This mountain can be accessed by tourists quite easily from Surabaya, namely Surabaya Bromo Tour. Even tourists tend not to need a draining ascent.

15 Travel Tips to Bromo that Must Be Known

If you want to travel to Bromo, it’s good to follow the travel tips to Bromo below so that the trip becomes more enjoyable.15 Travel Tips to Bromo that Must Be Known

1. Avoid long holidays

Bromo is a tourist area that is very crowded, especially during holidays. If you want to travel privately or do not like tours with many tourists, it is better not to come to Bromo during the holiday season. It’s best to come to Bromo when it’s quiet so you can enjoy the atmosphere more freely.

2. Plan a vacation

Determine whether you want a backpacker or want to travel exclusively. Backpacker-style trips to Bromo are very possible. One way is by camping (not booking lodging). Or it can also reduce prices in other ways.

3. Prepare a visit schedule

Many attractions in Bromo, including whispering sand, bromo crater, temple, climbing, sunrise view point, and also the Teletubbies hill. Prepare a visit schedule so that the trip can be more complete and smooth.

4. Book lodging as soon as possible

If you are forced to vacation during the holiday season and want to stay around Bromo, it’s better to look for lodging from far away. This needs to be done to avoid running out of lodging.

5. Select the appropriate route

The route to Bromo is also very much. Bromo can be accessed from Malang, Pobolinggo, or Lumajang. Adjust the route with your place of residence, or choose the route to Bromo that you want most.

6. Bring complete equipment

Because the temperature and natural conditions in Bromo are different from the natural conditions in urban areas, then prepare all the equipment needed. Wear warm clothes. As much as possible, wear clothes to mount. Don’t let you get hypoemia on Mount Bromo.

7. Prepare the best camera

The camera is one of the digital objects that will greatly help your tourism activities. Prepare your best camera and adjust it to your destination. If tourists are photographers, then bring the appropriate camera equipment. However, ordinary tourists can also bring other types of cameras.

8. Come during traditional ceremonies

Bromo is inhabited by the Tengger tribe people where they still often perform traditional rituals. At Bromo, on certain dates there are interesting traditional ceremonies to see. If interested, just come during the traditional ceremony. That will give a different tourist impression.

9. Attractions around Bromo

Travel Tips to Bromo, Bromo is within the scope of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Of course, in the TNBTS area, there are many tourist objects that can be visited at once when going to or after visiting Bromo. In TNBTS there are several waterfalls (Coban Pelangi, Coban Trisula, or Madakaripura waterfalls), temples, hills (Puncak B29), and lakes (Ranu Klakah, Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, and so on). If you have a long time to vacation, it’s a good idea to visit there too.

10. Check the status of the mountain

Mount Bromo is an active volcano, so it’s good for tourists to always check the status of the mountain. Do not come when mountain status increases, because it will endanger tourists. Usually mountain status can be checked from information about TNBTS.

11. Riding a horse

To climb to the Bromo crater, from Pura Poten tourists can ride a horse by paying some money. If you don’t really like hiking or not climbing, it’s better to ride a horse to save time. But if you are strong, please walk.

12. Bring food supplies

Bromo is a natural tourist attraction that is very natural. There is rarely a food seller in Bromo. Usually the seller only sells souvenirs or gifts. Therefore, it is better for tourists to bring their own food supplies from home. Especially for camping tourists. Bring cooking utensils too so that food can be cooked or warmed.

13. Bring enough drinks

When climbing to the Bromo crater, bring enough drinks, because the trip will consume enough energy. Even though tourists can ride a horse, but the horse only takes to the limit of the stairs to the Bromo crater. Then tourists have to climb themselves to the top of the Bromo crater. Therefore, bring enough drinks in your bag or backpack to avoid thirst.

14. Bring a mask or buff

Bromo is still active sometimes spewing stinging sulfur stench. The smell of sulfur will usually stifle the chest. It’s good to bring a mask or buff. Its function can also be to filter dust or sand that is flying. Especially if you visit during the dry season.

Pura Luhur Poten Temple, a Sacred Place in Mount Bromo Tour

Pura Luhur Poten Temple, a Sacred Place in Mount Bromo Tour . When you first hear the word Bromo, then what you have in mind is surely the top of mountain that’s shady and comfortable to be a place to see sunrise and sunset. Or, you might think about sea of ​​sand covering most of foot of the mountain; even the flow of waterfalls that refresh your eyes. Most people just assume that Bromo has only natural potential. They forget that there is tribe that has inhabited the mountain area of ​​Bromo since several centuries ago. Yes, the name is Tengger. It is an interesting tribe in terms of culture, people, even its beliefs. One of the confidence Tengger tribe that entered the Bromo tour package is Pura Luhur Poten.

Pura Luhur Poten Temple, a Sacred Place in Mount Bromo Tour

Pura Luhur Poten Temple, a Sacred Place in Mount Bromo Tour

Pura Luhur Poten is a place of worship for Tengger tribe. The temple is located in the middle of desert as a symbol of the palace of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, a god worshiped by the Hindu Tengger. It is more commonly known as the God Brahma (Bromo). Besides from Tengger tribe, many adherents of Hinduism from various regions in Indonesia also often worshiped here. In addition to worship, they spend their vacation time by taking pictures around the temple that’s also included in Bromo tour package. The architecture of this temple is very beautiful. It is divided into three areas, namely Mandala Nista, Mandala Madya, and Mandala Utama. Each Mandala has ornaments that symbolize its function to the temple.

Moreover, the Tengger tribe also likes to make this temple as the place to perform ceremony Kasada. If you are lucky, you can see the procession of the ceremony conducted once a year. The schedule and location of this temple can be found in Bromo tour package provided by  that you choose. Well, you will never regret the time you spent in Bromo!